• Documentation for municipal authorities
• Documentation for build concession
• Documentation for supplier selection (so called tender documentation)
• Documentation for building construction
• Documentation of real building construction
• Preparation of project documentation including property right discussions, consultation with managers of other utilities and obtaining of build concession
• Projection of outdoor and cable lines, NN, VN and distribution substations
• Projection of industrial distribution, NN, VN including consumer substations, measurements, regulation and remote control
• Calculations of public lightening
• Processing of the study for EU subsidy programs
• Study for local purpose and for regulatory plans or territorial decision
• Optimization of current lightening – reducing the consumption of electricity
• Standardization of public lightening – creation of optimal standard of used lighting units, poles, terminals and wiring for the site
• All consultation regarding public lightening
• Geodesy for current status
• Creation of outputs for digital technical maps and Geo-portals
Our company is contractual partner of the company ČEZ Distribuce a.s.(Distribution) for building realization and processing of project documentation of distribution system devices in voltage level VN and NN. In the frame of this contract we completely provide for ČEZ Distribuce a.s. (Distribution) also the deposit of easement for distribution system devices.


Head of Centre: Ton Petr
Mobil: +420 606 067 833

Hlíza Tomáš – Planner
Mobil: +420 722 903 875

Bc. Staniurová Erika – Engineering
Tel: +420 312 645 061

Geodesy engineering
• Planimetric geodesy and hypsography documentation for geodesy engineering projects and buildings, including actual mapping into cadastral plan
• creation of setting-out net of buildings, planimetric and hypsographic
• alignment of geodesy engineering (water, gas, electricity, canalization, public lightening, telephone)
• alignment and calculation of cubage
• searching for underground lines
• setting out the spatial position of the building
• monitoring and evaluation of horizontal and vertical displacements of buildings
• Documentation of actual construction (DSPS)
• surveying work in land consolidation
• creation of technical maps and documentation for geo-portals
• technical records of buildings
Geodesy in cadastre register
• creation of geometric plan for construction marking (under construction, for acceptance, for re-acceptance)
• creation of geometric plan for land allocation
• creation of geometric plan for easement marking
• guarantee of easement deposit for distribution system devices
• creation of geometric plan for supplementation of land in simplified evidence
• creation of geometric plan for specifying of property borders and areas
• setting out the land borders
•registering the property borders into planimetric and hypsographic plans for further projects
• consultancy in real estate cadastre


Head of Centre: Bc. Staniura Radislav
Mobil: +420 702 091 026
Phone: +420 312 645 061

Tomáš Sochor – surveyor
Phone: +420 312 645 061

Ing. Komorousová Renáta – surveyor
Mobil: +420 775 688 223
Tel: +420 312 645 061

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